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Hi. I am being transferred over to our US company, from London to Ashburn. We looking for a rental single family home in the area. Our problem is that we have owned our own homes for years and both being animal lovers, we have 2 Border Collies (one is Search and Rescue trained) and 3 cats. Our animals are all extremely well trained, 100% house trained. As my wife is a veterinary technician, we have trained our pets well. However we appreciate this is more animals than most land lords would normally allow. Has anyone got any suggestions in trying to find a home for our family (we also have a 17 month old boy). Looking for 3+ Rooms, 2+ Bathrooms. We would also considering a small farm as I am sure my wife would love to have a horse again.

Annette Schafer February 03, 2014 at 08:35 AM
I am a real estate agent living in Ashburn, now for 20 years now. I have helped clients with 3 dogs, etc. find a rental homes/properties and would be happy to assist you with this. The landlord pays the commission, so there would be no expense to you. Feel free to contact me: Annette Schafer United Real Estate annette@annetteschafer.com 703-999-5002 I look forward to working with you!
Jennifer Warner February 04, 2014 at 08:53 AM
Hi Warren, Any move may be stressful but an overseas move with family and pets can certainly add a new element or two! Let me reassure you that you will be moving into one of the most vibrant and wonderful Counties in Virginia! Our area has much to offer in the way of activities and housing. Luckily for you we are also seeing a bit of an increase in rental options. Locating your home will be a balance of housing type/functionality and commuting. Several pets may indeed eliminate a few options for you however it is NOT an insurmountable challenge. Having worked with overseas transfers and State Dept many times I can appreciate the challenges you will have in "looking" from afar. I'm happy to work with you, introduce you to the area and help you secure a place you can call home when you arrive in the US. jen@ask-gina.com 703-380-1712 Ask Gina & Company/Keller Williams


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