Holiday Van for Divineys, Courtesy of Koons

The giving spirit rings true for Ashburn family caring for their son, brother.

It’s been many years since the entire Diviney family has been able to see the Christmas lights along Juniper Street in Sterling, an annual display that people from all over the county drive to see.

But this year, thanks to a brand new Toyota Sienna minivan from Koons Automotive Companies, the family returned.

When Ken Diviney announced the plans—immediately after Krystal Koons and other Koons employees personally presented the van to the Divineys—the surprise brought tears to the eyes of his wife, Sue.

“We can’t thank the Koons organization enough for this vehicle donation,” said family patriarch Ken. “It means so much to us in providing for our son. The Koons organization is the example of how businesses unselfishly give back to the community.”

The Ashburn community has embraced the Divineys after son Ryan was left in a coma-like state after a brutal 2009 beating while away at college in Morgantown, WV. The main perpetrator remains in jail. Ryan now requires the constant care of his family, which has selflessly committed to his wellbeing and remains hopeful he’ll one day recover.

As the family awaited the van’s delivery, Sue Diviney brushed through Ryan’s hair and imagined a day when the van would be his.

“You’re going to drive it, aren’t you?” she said.

The family’s bond is clear to anyone who encounters them.

“The story of the Diviney family is a touching and heartwarming example of how families come together during times of great difficulty,” Krystal Koons said. “I cannot stress enough what an inspiration this family is, and should be, to families across our community. Given the extreme circumstances in which the Diviney family has found themselves, it is truly heartwarming to see the level of love and devotion this family has displayed for Ryan.”

While the Divineys wait for Ryan to come around, there are regimens of medical visits and therapy, not to mention their own lives. Koons is not the only business to contribute to the Divineys’ cause.

Commercial Concrete and Virginia Concrete provided a concrete walkway to help family members transport Ryan from the family basement. Blue Moon Construction built a kitchenette and replaced stairway carpet for the family. Michael & Sons performed a complete makeover of Ryan’s bedroom and bathroom.

In addition, various members of the community have held fundraisers for the family, such as Declutter for the Divineys.

“The support is so incredible,” Kari Diviney, Ryan's sister, noted at one point during Monday’s presentation.

Large pieces of medical equipment take up much of the basement, which is decked out in two color schemes:

West Virginia University’s blue and gold, where Kari now attends, and the burgundy and gold of the Washington Redskins.

“He’s become the face of brain damage injury,” Ken Diviney said. “This is what sports-fan violence can do.”

Kari knew the family was in need of an adequate vehicle, so she launched a campaign earlier this year.

“Unkown to us, our daughter, Kari, reached out to nearly every automotive dealer in the area asking for one to take notice. Only one—Koons—responded,” Ken Diviney explained. “My daughter, she had to grow up when she was in high school. She actually helped us make life and death decisions.”

The van includes a wheelchair ramp than enables Ryan’s family to get him in and out of the vehicle easily and transport him outside the family home.

To learn more about Ryan and keep up with his progress, visit the Ryan’s Rally website.

Max December 18, 2012 at 08:23 PM
Thats wonderful!!
Lambrini V. December 19, 2012 at 12:19 PM
So happy for them! Thank you Koons!
Mary Walker December 19, 2012 at 04:27 PM
I went to O'Connell High School which has educated a couple of generations of Koons children. This family has always been committed to giving back to the community and it doesn't surprise me that they were the only ones to respond to the request for help. That's what this family does!


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