Mutts Matter: Sweetie’s Heart of Gold

Meet Sweetie, a delightful Rottweiler mix who has a lot of love to give and deserves a great home.

Sweetie’s name suits her perfectly; she has a heart of gold, a gentle nature, and is as sweet as can be. She has not always been properly cared for by her human family, but that hasn’t impacted her spirit or love of people one bit.

Sweetie is a six-year-old, 98-pound Rottweiler mix -- a breed that’s often mischaracterized because they are a large, dark, and powerful dog. In reality, they are highly intelligent, loyal protectors of their family, and do so well in obedience training that they make excellent service and therapy dogs.

Sweetie would be great in a service role because of her loving and calm nature, and her ability to roll through life’s different obstacles with ease. She’s the perfect companion dog, affectionate, loyal, social, and just wanting to be by your side.

Sweetie was found as a stray on the streets and needed medical attention. She had an old injury that had not been treated, and infection had set in and spread to the bone in her foot. She had to have her toe amputated, and was put on antibiotics to clear out the infection. She’s on the mend now and getting stronger and building up her endurance every day.

At the shelter, Sweetie was a favorite among the staff; they were all impressed by her unwavering positive outlook and sweet disposition, even as she suffered through considerable pain before the surgery. They knew she was a special dog who deserved better, so they contacted Mutts Matter to take her to the comfort and love of an experienced foster home where she could rehabilitate and find her new family.

She is being fostered in Rockville by Deanna, an attorney by day and veteran Mutts Matter foster mom by night, who has been taking excellent care of Sweetie, helping her make her way back to good health. Since Sweetie's surgery, Deanna has seen dramatic improvement in her energy and endurance level, going from a pup who was hesitant to walk up the stairs to one who now goes on walks and chases balls.

Deanna and Sweetie schedule a game of fetch in the back yard each day, and they’ve worked their way up to two walks a day. Sweetie gets really excited about walk-time and bobs her head up and down to show her enthusiasm when the leash comes out. Sweetie is not going to be a running partner or high-speed agility dog, but she’s holding her own, and enjoys getting out of the house for any kind of social outing.

Inside the house, Sweetie knows the rules and understands the schedule. She’s potty-trained, and Deanna lets her have free roam of the house when she goes to work. She’s a verbal dog in all the right ways; she lets you know if she needs to go outside, or if someone pulls into the driveway or comes to the door. She doesn’t bark over and over, she just lets out a quick alert to give a heads up that you have company.

She’s also very in tune with her daily schedule and will let Deanna know if she is running behind or staying up too late. When she’s ready for bed, Sweetie will let out a big, dramatic sigh before she heads into the bedroom alone. She has a little drama queen in her, and knows how to work a room.

Sweetie needs a family who has the time and flexibility to give her the attention she deserves as she lives out her golden years. A home with a one-level living option, where most of her daily activities can be done without many steps to contend with would be best. Sweetie gets around fine, but has some mild arthritis that is not uncommon in large breed pups. She takes daily glucosamine supplements to help with her joint movement, and currently has pain medication to help her as she continues to rehabilitate.

Sweetie gets along well with everyone, so she would do well in a family with kids or make a great companion for another pup in the home. She would be an ideal fit for a retired couple or someone who is home during the day and wants a loving companion.

Learn More About Sweetie

To learn more about Sweetie, go to the Mutts Matter Adoption Page and fill out an application, or contact Suzanne at suzanne@muttsmatterrescue.com.

Adopting an Adult or Senior Dog

Adult dogs can make the best pets. They’ve already grown into themselves and have established personalities, so you know what you’re getting. They’ve typically been "socialized" and understand what it takes to be part of your family’s pack. They have calmer temperaments, are better able to focus during training, eager to learn and please you.

Adult dogs are also more worldly - most have already experienced car rides and know how to walk on a leash, so they’re instant companions ready to take on new activities with you. They are very grateful for the second chance they’ve been given and really appreciate a loving and caring home.

Adopting an adult dog is your opportunity to be a hero. At the shelters, older dogs are often the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized. Saving an adult animal’s life is not just a good thing to do, but it will reward you in ways that you may not expect.

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