Belfort Furniture Plans Redevelopment, Suggests Leaving Loudoun if Bid Fails

Sterling-based Belfort Furniture has submitted a bid to redevelop 17 acres of land adjacent to the company's headquarters, hinting the company might leave Loudoun County altogether if the bid is rejected.

Source: Google Maps
Source: Google Maps

Sterling-based Belfort Furniture is bidding to rezone 17 acres of land adjacent to its Belfort Park headquarters to build a commercial center and 43 townhomes and threatening to leave Loudoun County if the plan is rejected.

The site in question consists of eight separate parcels ranging from 1 to 5.8 acres in size, the Washington Business Journal reports. The plan introduces a 65,000-square-foot commercial center and an 8,420-square-foot mezzanine attached to the existing Belfort Furniture warehouse in addition to 43 townhomes.

Belfort Furniture, one of the nation’s largest furniture retailers, has no plans to close the Sterling location but could choose to relocate outside the county if Loudoun County denies the bid.

"It’s not a threat, just a reality for expansion," Belfort managing member Michael Huber told the Business Journal.

Loudoun County planners could potentially oppose portions of the proposal that suggest rezoning sites in the Route 28 Tax District for residential use, according to the Business Journal. The proposed center would absorb the former Sterling Annex School, a small playground, a ball field and various parking lots.

"This development will revitalize a portion of the Route 28 Corridor land area," the application reads. "Additionally, it ensures that a stable, well-established/respected business which has contributed to the Loudoun County economy during the past 20-plus years will remain economically viable and will be able to serve current and future county residents."


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