NFL Hopefuls Train at TITLE Boxing Club Ashburn

Athletes from colleges such as Virginia Tech, UConn and Marshall are working with TITLE Boxing Club trainers.

Alex Bazzie (OLB) is focused and in the zone during a TITLE Boxing Club workout where players continue to develop overall speed and accuracy of hands.
Alex Bazzie (OLB) is focused and in the zone during a TITLE Boxing Club workout where players continue to develop overall speed and accuracy of hands.
Release, TITLE Boxing Club:

In addition to guiding and motivating members daily, TITLE Boxing Club Ashburn is a resource for NFL hopefuls as they train for University Pro Days; the NFL Combine, held in February; NFL Regional Combines, held in both February and March; the upcoming Super Regional Combine later this month; and individual team tryouts after that. 

Athletes from colleges such as Virginia Tech, UConn and Marshall are working with TITLE Boxing Club trainers as part of the program offered by Justin Kavanaugh, and his Sport and Speed Institute, to fine-tune skills and prepare for the next level of play as professional athletes. Kavanaugh’s team is the area’s leader in sports performance athletic development – training high school athletes as they get ready to enter college, training college athletes as they prepare for professional leagues and helping people of all ages excel and transition to the next level in their sport. 

“We provide a holistic approach to training. We often partner with others to achieve this, and only partner with those who are the best at what they do,” said Kavanaugh. “TITLE Boxing Club is a great example of this. It’s a first class facility. The athletes benefit from what they learn. Specifically, for the football players, it provides them a different kind of workout, one that improves the overall accuracy and speed of their hands. That’s why it’s such a great fit for our program.” 

The Loudoun Station location of TITLE Boxing Club is accessible to athletes currently housed in Loudoun County, and plans workouts to fit with the busy training schedules these athletes maintain. The group currently participating in the training program at TITLE Boxing Club consists of talent from top schools and players from both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Players working out at TITLE in recent weeks, include Joshua Moody, defensive lineman out of the University of Rhode Island; Alex Johnson, defensive end out of Old Dominion University; D.J. Coles, wide receiver from Virginia Tech; Alex Bazzie, outside linebacker from Marshall; and defensive ends, Jesse Joseph and Tim Willman from UConn.

“The workout is very different from anything I’ve done before,” said Willman. “I definitely notice increased accuracy in my hand-eye coordination. There is no doubt that what we’re doing at TITLE is translating to the field.” 

These athletes are working toward the next phase in their football careers. They have signed with agents and are preparing for tryouts with NFL teams. Some have already participated in the NFLCombine, and others in their individual schools’ Pro Days. Working out at TITLE provides them additional cardio, without taking a greater toll on their bodies, and with a focus on upper-body that is not 
incorporated in some of their other daily training. 

“TITLE Boxing Club is a first-class facility with fantastic trainers, said Kavanaugh. “With all that these athletes endure on the field, TITLE offers a workout that isn’t so hard on the body, but still provides a cardio workout as well as the upper-body training.” 

NFL tryouts are planned for April – a bit later than usual - and official play kicks off in September. 

“The guys have been coming in for about two months now, and from what they’re telling us, they are seeing results, said Mike McCartin, owner, TITLE Boxing Club Ashburn. “We are so excited to have the athletes in here and look forward to seeing them continue their success on the field.”
While this is the first time football players have incorporated training at TITLE Boxing Club Loudoun Station as part of their program, the team at the Sport and Speed Institute have a long standing record of success working with athletes as they prepare to go on to pro teams. The head coaching mentality offered by Kavanaugh and his team pushes the athletes. The training offered at TITLE does the same through motivation and expertise. Pairing the two is a natural fit, from which the players can benefit. In addition, four trainers at TITLE Boxing Club Loudoun Station, owner Mike McCartin’s sons, Mike, Kyle and Connor were Division I college football players as was trainer, David Lewis. They not only inherently see the value in the workout, but understand how to apply it to the rigors of a day on the football field.


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