Holiday Moderation Tips from Sport & Health

The senior vice president for the club, which has a location in Brambleton, offers advice to readers.

by Mitch Batkin
Sport & Health Clubs’ Senior Vice President

As the temperatures begin to drop and the snowfall piles, people tend to lose all motivation to eat healthy and keep their bodies moving. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the holiday season is in full swing, which means we are hearing more, “Pass the mashed potatoes,” than, “I had the best workout today.”

As anyone can tell you, people tend to gain weight around the holiday season. There is nothing wrong with enjoying oneself while celebrating this special season with loved ones, but there are steps that can be taken to avoid winter weight gain. I want to share these tips with readers in order to keep the holidays happy and healthy:

Mind the food on your plate: Moderation is key no matter what time of the year it is; however, our eyes tend to be bigger than our stomachs when we have hearty holiday treats in front of us. Don’t get greedy! Allow yourself a taste of your favorite pie or a serving of that secret family recipe of stuffing. Just remember, avoid going for seconds or thirds when you are already full. There will be plenty next year!

Don’t forget H20: Staying hydrated is important on a daily basis, but drinking water before a meal will also make you eat less. Our bodies need plenty of water throughout the day in order to function properly, but we can sometimes forget to keep ourselves hydrated through busy holiday shopping and last minute trips to the grocery store before the in-laws arrive. Always have water on hand to sip on throughout the day, and you won’t find yourself ravenous come mealtime. Your body will thank you.

Trot like a reindeer: It can be so tempting to curl up on the coach to watch the big game or sit around with family in front of the fireplace to catch up on life, but don’t give in! Instead, take the conversations outside. Go for a walk around the neighborhood after a big meal. If you can’t stand the cold, then take the walk indoors by relocating to the mall. You can grab some good deals while also keeping your body moving.

Watch the eggnog: When the holidays roll around, so do the holiday themed treats: eggnog, gingerbread cookies, pumpkin pie, and the list goes on. These treats are so tasty that we sometimes forget how much we have had and how many calories come with each bite. As explained before, moderation is everything, so being mindful of how much you consume is vital. Since these treats only typically fall on our plates during the holiday season we might ignore their calorie count – don’t fall into this trap. Before treating yourself to all of the above-mentioned delights in one sitting, it might be wise to check the nutritional facts and keep yourself clued in on how much you’re consuming.


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