Rep. Frank Wolf Voted Against the People of Loudoun. And They Will Remember.

Frank Wolf voted against the Fiscal Cliff deal, meaning he voted to raise taxes on everyone and to impose spending cuts that could cripple Loudoun, which depends on government-related jobs.

On New Year’s Day, a minority of Republicans in the House of Representatives actually did what their constituents do every day: They did their job. Joining with a majority of Democrats in the House, they voted to prevent a major fiscal crisis: they postponed the drastic spending cuts of the Sequester, while reallocating the income tax burden to be more fair, extending unemployment benefits for those still seeking work, and preventing milk prices from tripling. Most significantly for us in Loudoun, their actions ensured that many of our friends and neighbors who work directly or indirectly for the Federal government had a job to go to the next morning.

What is simply stunning is that the Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives who did this did so without the help of the most senior member of the Virginia delegation, our own Representative Frank Wolf. Rep. Wolf voted against the Federal workers of the 10th District, and in favor of allowing massive cuts to go forward. Make no mistake, Frank Wolf’s vote was a vote for layoffs and unemployment among our communities in Loudoun. It was a vote for higher prices, lower salaries and recession in a Congressional District that has been virtually recession-proof.

Rep. Wolf’s reputation has been made on constituent service, yet his vote Tuesday night -- like many of his votes over the past five years -- was a grave disservice to his constituents. He has voted against letting his constituents’ children stay on their parents insurance, voted against protecting the rights of the women in his district, and voted against bills that provided funding for many needed improvements to our local infrastructure. Last night, he voted against the very jobs that make the 10th prosperous and strong.

The people of the 10th will remember that.

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joe brewer January 05, 2013 at 01:29 PM
Frank is the one that is correct in this case. Subsidies need to be stopped both foreign and domestic, yes that's foreign aid. Extended unemployment is equal to a handout. The employee paid nothing into unemployment for these benefits. The federal government is going to pay for this, No they are not they they going to add it to the deficit. After 26 weeks there should be a option that a person can receive half the full unemployment with the stipulation that weeks 27 through 99 monies will have to be paid back to the government.
Go FranK January 09, 2013 at 01:30 AM
Frank is standing up to the excessive spending that needs to stop. He should be applauded for taking a stance to protect our tax dollars from being used on inefficient programs. It is pathetic that more members of congress will not stand up for a balanced budget and protecting the prosperity of our country for future generations.
Angela Isidro January 09, 2013 at 08:55 PM
This is why we voted for Frank because he's a leader. Good for you.


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