Give Corporations a Tax Break and Cut Education to Balance the Budget? No thank you.

Rep. Frank Wolf's Support of Paul Ryan's Budget drew protestors to march on his office in Winchester.

Does that sound like a good idea? Representative Wolf thinks it is. Despite his previous concerns on the effects of the sequester, Frank Wolf cemented his support for deep cuts last week when he voted for Paul Ryan’s budget plan. The budget does more than just cut programs and services Virginians rely on – it also cuts taxes for corporations and the wealthiest Americans by 5.7 trillion dollars.

If you find Rep. Wolf’s vote a bit disconcerting, you are not alone. Yesterday I was joined by members of a local union and community groups from Winchester in a march on Rep. Wolf’s office in protest. By voting for Paul Ryan’s budget, Rep. Wolf is choosing to cut investments in education and training by 47 percent, while refusing to ask corporations to pay a single penny more to help balance the budget. With many schools in the district already stretching a limited budget, it is hard to imagine what another cut will do to the quality of our education, not to mention the number of jobs that will lost. We can already expect the sequester to put hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk in Virginia, a reoccurring topic among members of yesterday’s march.  One electrical worker that joined had been recently laid off by a subcontractor to the General Services Administration, and another had friends that were waiting to receive their furlough notices and the twenty percent cut in pay that would come with.

Despite Rep. Wolf’s support for deeper cuts, there is simple solution to ease the burden of the budget – making corporations pay their fair share of taxes by closing corporate tax loopholes. Recent research shows that the federal government loses around $90 billion annually - and state governments about $40 billion - to foreign tax havens that allow corporations to hide their profits abroad without taxation. That is just one of the tax loopholes that companies like Wells Fargo and GE are using to pay no taxes.

With the budget debates far from over, Rep. Wolf still has time to support a balanced budget that raises revenues by closing corporate tax loopholes. For his mind to be changed, he needs to face the effects of the sequester by hearing from constituents like you. If you have recently lost your job, are waiting to be furloughed, or will be affected by cuts to education, infrastructure or research and development, give Representative Wolf’s office a call and let them know the budget should not be balanced on the backs of working and middle-class families. Let him know that you support a common sense solution: closing corporate tax loopholes. It is time for Rep. Wolf to stand up for the middle class and make corporations pay their fair share.

Representative Wolf’s Office number: (202) 225-5136

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Bob March 28, 2013 at 04:36 PM
oh please - you would rather have no budget again? Or better yet a budget that continues to run up the national debt? Clinton balanced and congress balanced the budget. Why can't the current "leaders" do the same?
Kathy Keith March 28, 2013 at 05:32 PM
I know the writer meant well, but this post is incredibly naive. First, money for education. Since the Education Department was formed we have wasted tons of money(trillions?) for mediocre results. Head Start is well meaning, but like all bureaucracies, money is lost in translation and the results are disappointing. Title I-the same. College tuition has risen dramatically. Test scores have gone down. "No Child" was well intentioned, but ineffective-except to prove that schools are failing the students. "Race to the Top" is a joke concept. Now, corporations. Yes, let's make them pay more--and what happens? Well, some will leave-that won't help with revenue. Some will lay off people resulting in higher unemployment. So, you say, close the loopholes. Do you remember the yacht tax? It was putting companies out of business and people out of work. I do not personally understand the foreign shelters, but I do know that it would not be easily solved as the writer seems to imply. Frankly, I would love to see loopholes closed--but, along wit that, we must lower the rates. Representative Wolf is one of the finest(maybe THE finest) members of Congress. He cares about people and does his best to reflect the views of his constituents while following his conscience. The solution will be to get people back to work and cut ineffective spending. Cutting corporate loopholes won't do that.
MP Resident 09 March 28, 2013 at 06:39 PM


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