LTE: Approve One Loudoun Stadium

One Potomac Green resident welcomes the proposed minor league ballpark.

Dear Editor:

Opposition to locating the Hounds stadium at One Loudoun from some residents of the over-55 Potomac Green community is based on unrealistic expectations and demands for idyllic rural tranquility.

Potomac Green residents chose homes there knowing full well that Loudoun County is a booming place, and that the adjacent One Loudoun development – with or without a stadium – would add congestion and bustle to the area, along with many conveniences. The sound and congestion issues would be no less for Potomac Green if the stadium were located at nearby Kincora as originally planned.

Residents already routinely "filter out" Dulles air traffic noise that is more constant and severe than any [noise a] stadium would conceivably generate. With reasonable limits on sound levels and hours of operation, a stadium at One Loudoun would add new life, entertainment and economic activity benefiting county residents of all ages. The Loudoun Board of Supervisors should approve the necessary rezoning.

Roger Majak
Potomac Green

SeasonedCitizen November 24, 2012 at 11:40 PM
Funny choice of words Roger, and again you fail to answer the question of how your desire to be entertained supersedes my right to peace and privacy. You are also completely ignoring the fact that we were told one thing and now the BOS is working to completely change the language of the Comprehensive Plan (mostly by striking out entire sections) to rezone One Loudoun to make it into an entertainment "destination". If you recall you had to sign a waiver for the flight path noise, so yes, we were fully aware and educated on that before purchasing. If a plan isn't worth the paper it is written on then it isn't worth much at all is it. You are also ignoring the shady deals behind the stadium. If you were at the town hall meeting nobody said that they were opposed to having a stadium in Loudoun County, heck we even asked if they could just put it back over at Kincora.
Bobbie Johnson November 25, 2012 at 07:00 PM
I supported the stadium as a means of bringing in revenue to continue to provide the services required by a growing county without placing additional taxes on personal property such as our homes. For the last 35 years, and probably longer before I got here, the bulk of the budget revenues has come from home owners. Corporations were proffered years of tax free residency to entice them here. Many came, paid no taxes or very little, and then left before their "time" was up. We need things that will add to our revenue base and I truly believe the stadium will do so.
SeasonedCitizen November 26, 2012 at 12:19 AM
Unfortunately Bobbie if the BOS gets what they want the "revenue" from the stadium won't be going back into the County but will instead be heading straight for the developer and stadium owner's bank accounts (Link: http://nostadiumon7.org/?p=68) and the primary source: http://m.leesburgtoday.com/mobile/news/river-crossing-stadium-taxes-greenway-tolls-top-general-assembly-list/article_cd4b135a-fe74-11e1-93c6-001a4bcf887a.html
Todd December 04, 2012 at 07:41 PM
I don't see the Potomac Green residents complaining about the elementary school built adjacent to the housing development five years ago. I don't hear the residents complaining about the sea of new Single Family Homes and Townhomes being built adjacent to Potomac Green. The congestion from these 3 new developments far exceed what a new stadium will produce when it is built and when they have scheduled events. I support the stadium and think it will be a good revenue stream for the county and will benefit all residents of Loudoun County and the surrounding localities.
SeasonedCitizen December 04, 2012 at 08:38 PM
What revenue Todd? You evidently haven't been following the issue very closely. The ticket tax will go to pay the developers and investors back, not back in to county infrastructure. You must have also missed the fact that if you are a homeowner in Loudoun the assessed rates on your home will go up to pay for the road infrastructure in Kincora and no doubt the yet to be built overpasses on Route 7. Stadium traffic and office/school/residential traffic is not the same. If you have ever been to a stadium or a concert you know this for a fact.


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