LTE: Leave Ballpark at Kincora

Proposal to move Loudoun Hounds stadium to One Loudoun continues to divide surrounding community.

Let’s say that an application were to be filed with the appropriate county authorities to build a 10,000-person sports stadium and entertainment complex at the Reston Town Center. What do you think might happen? Would the local residences and businesses there welcome the sporting arena to their neighborhood with open arms, or would they be so outraged at the idea that they would organize to have the plan defeated?

The question isn’t so far-fetched. The owners of One Loudoun have stated that their project was being modeled similarly to the Reston Town Center wherein proposed retail tenants were to be high end, their proposed restaurant tenants upscale and their one-family residences surrounding the project priced in the half-million-dollar-plus price range. Well, if getting high-end retail tenants into the project was indeed the plan all along, why would One Loudoun wish to radically compromise that concept by introducing a sports and entertainment complex into their project when by all accounts a sporting arena will serve only to do the very opposite.

The same goes for future large corporate office tenants. Does any informed person really think by adding a sports arena to an office complex wherein an additional 5,000 to 10,000 sporting fans will be allowed to jockey their cars around the project’s parking lots, that that would encourage better corporate and retail tenants to lease space in the project and pay the owners a premium in rent and/or in leasehold pass-through charges? It is hard to believe that this sporting arena concept would ever work at Reston Town Center. By extension, it’s also hard to believe that it would work at One Loudoun.

We all know that current economic times are tough and that many businesses are struggling. So it would not be surprising if One Loudoun found it necessary to change its original upscale concept to one that is less chic. What would be surprising, however, is the county supervisors going along with One Loudoun’s proposed land use changes, knowing full well that a sports arena and entertainment complex will only add increased traffic, noise and pollution to the surrounding area’s residential communities. Since there already is an approved site for that very same sporting arena to be built approximately one mile away, a site which local residences appear to be satisfied with, there is absolutely no need for the County to approve a second arena in such close proximity to the first one without a few eyebrows being raised.

Richard David
Potomac Green
Ashburn, VA

Web Junkyy February 17, 2013 at 04:51 PM
Richard, you make some excellent points in your January LTE regarding the decision for One Loudoun to shove a stadium into what was supposed to be a town center like Reston. What appalls me even more is the fact that the land must be rezoned to accommodate a 'special activities' center. And according to the county's own comprehensive plan found on their website loudoun.gov/lola a proposal for a special activities exception must meet ALL of nine criteria. How can it be that they would get this approved if indeed it clearly does not meet at minimum, four of those nine? Not an ecomomic benefit to the county (ticket taxes are going back to the 'investors' of the stadium not the county), and studies prove there is no economic significance of a baseball stadium of this league on a community, it does not meet the traffic requirements as we all know that the exit ramp for Loudoun county parkway shares the same lane as the entrance from route 28 already a nightmare at game time, and finally the impact of noise on nearby SENIOR as well as family residents. Thanks for you well stated letter in opposition. We agree that One Loudoun is the worst possible location for a baseball (and soccer) stadium able to entertain 10,000 spectators for weekday commuter time games.


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