LTE: Metro- Princess or Pig?

Should metro come to Loudoun? Or is it all a big mistake?

Metro- Princess or Pig?

I am very interested in seeing the supervisors look closely at the facts and information before they vote on Metro to Loudoun. I was starting to think it might be time to sit back and wait until I went to Supervisor Buona’s Ashburn town hall meeting. I was shocked at his persuasive mix of familiar numbers and obvious distortions, and that’s putting it nicely. Mr. Buona is obviously a sharp businessman, way too sharp to miss the errors he was presenting.

First, he presented the cost to Loudoun at $262 million. This ignores the actual cost to Loudoun of the initial construction, paid back over 30 years which will be roughly three times the original $262 million or $750 million. Buona did not even mention the enormous cost that will be assessed as Loudoun’s share of the $13.3 billion needed to rehabilitate the 106 mile worn out Metro system.  Oopsy.

Mr. Buona was over the top when he said, “What we know of the economic impact (of Metro to Loudoun) is just vapor.” He referred to the 185 page Robert Charles Lesser and Company Study (RCLCO) that was released last April and made 30-year projections as “very old.” What Mr. Buona appears to be doing is ignoring the RCLCO Study which was done by a very credible expert, maybe because it concluded the revenue effect of Metro coming into Loudoun was disastrous? It showed expenses breaking even with revenue in 30 years IF all capital and maintenance costs were ignored. A second grader could spot that proposition as a waste of money.

It seems very clear that when a sharp businessman like Ralph is willing to ignore the clear and concise numbers, there is an alternate agenda in play.

My best guess is that someone other than Loudoun County has commissioned a separate study that will magically show up to paint this Metro pig up to look like a Metro princess.

Look out folks. There is a scheme playing out here and we are going to be taken to the cleaners if we play along.

David LaRock


Charles Cooper March 21, 2012 at 10:43 PM
The end of the line is called the end of the line for the reason. Northrop Grumman is not going to come to Loudoun County because suddenly a train has changed their mind. They will gain optimal position as near to their customer as possible as cost is no object and having a facility close to their federal customer is invaluable. The same is true of all the companies that support all the agencies of the federal government. If you want this kind of economic development you must change the value proposition AKA lower property taxes and reduced rent. You can do that with a spiraling budget, involving projects whose budgets you have no control over and declining property values.
Charles Cooper March 21, 2012 at 10:43 PM
@ Marcus, accusing Supervisor Delgaudio of Racism is almost as ignorant as calling the KKK a game of historical dress up. What he is referring to as demonstrated by increased property crime around all of the rail stops on the metro are criminals.
Charles Cooper March 21, 2012 at 10:43 PM
AKA this is not an Economic engine
Charles Cooper March 21, 2012 at 10:53 PM
Thanks Jonathan but it's a statistically supported fact that there is an increase in property crime at rail stops.
Jonathan Erickson March 21, 2012 at 11:25 PM
Sorry Charles I forgot a coma after the word statement in previous. Meant to infer that MA should stay away from tall building that don't have sewercide nets. I hear he does like pigs.


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