LTE: No Tolls for Metro

Leesburg resident pleads for another funding plan for the Silver Line.


It is ridiculous that Loudoun residents pay higher tolls to subsidize train and airport riders. MWAA should add toll booths to the Airport access road to cover costs for train construction since it benefits airport users and MWAA employees traveling to Airport. Instead they are unfairly putting the burden on toll road users who may never use the rail system. It is also short sighted. You will force me to use alternatives to the toll road and lose my business. I will not be alone with this approach.

I use the toll road twice a day and have for over 20 years. Soon I will not be able to afford my commute and will be forced to look for longer alternatives. What gets me is that we pay substantial state and county road taxes already and should not have to foot the bill for a Metro line that will not make an appreciable difference in traffic congestion.

Enough is enough. For those of us that live in Loudoun County our only other option is to drive I-66 or Route 7 or Route 50 to avoid the toll road. We were just hit with the Greenway's increases and again on the Dulles Toll Road. Listen to us please and find another way to fund the train to Dulles.

Patricia Sweeney
Leesburg, VA

No Toll Increase September 25, 2012 at 04:44 PM
Good point about tolls on the Dulles Airport Access Rd.- those airport visitors are going to benefit more from the rail than us locals are- the Airport and the people who actually ride the train should pay for it. We can stop the toll increases if enough people speak up to their elected officials and demand action. Sign the petition at www.NoTOLLincrease.org


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