LTE: Yes To Allen, No To Kaine

Aldie residents make their case for the Republican in the U.S. Senate Race.

America is in danger. We face unprecedented loss of liberty, weakened national security, ignored Constitutional firewalls and a European fiscal future. My children will inherit a severely weakened country; and her future is more uncertain than ever.

The Senate election is just as critical as the Presidency; and my family’s choice is George Allen. Tim Kaine is an extreme Leftist/Progressive, albeit with a smooth Clintonian style. Electing him is asking for six years of Barack Obama and Harry Reid’s policies and tactics.

As governor, Kaine fought for higher taxes, Cap and Trade, entitlement expansion, amnesty and gun control. Kaine is very much like Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Martin O’Malley and he operates with mindset of a Richmond City councilman, not a national leader who represents all Virginia.

Allen accomplished more as governor with a Democratic legislature resulting in fiscal discipline, job growth, truth in sentencing, raising academic standards and creating the 529 savings plan.  As senator, he upheld the Constitution, opposed taxes, and proposed market solutions and a balanced budget. He understands Washington and national defense.

But Tim Kaine’s recent claim to be a bipartisan is the most absurd for the following reasons:

He was handpicked by Barack Obama (who also selected Debbie Wasserman Schultz) to head the Democratic Party. Can anyone seriously argue that Obama’s Chief Political Pitchman and Fundraiser can be rebranded as a moderate?

As DNC Chairman, Kaine did not exercise a moderating influence. He led a historic loss of Democrat seats at all levels in government in 2010 and he saw the Democrat Party affiliation significantly decline.

We are facing Sequestration cuts. It’s like using a chainsaw when a scalpel will do. The Super Committee broke down in November 2011 in a fight to raise taxes on the rich. Yet this is the same argument that Kaine is using to sell his “balanced approach”, which incidentally, has never been independently vetted. Would a bipartisan try to reuse a failed approach or would he propose re-evaluating cuts using a more deliberative and bottom up process? And would a bipartisan cut Defense by this much in time of war?

Under Democrat control, the U.S. Senate has failed its basic duty to produce a budget in four years. Mark Warner and Jim Webb have been part of the problem and have voted in lock step with Barack Obama. Mark Warner is Kaine’s mentor, so why is gridlock less likely with Kaine? What would he do differently?

Early in 2006, Kaine unilaterally signed over the Silver Line to MWAA bypassing the legislative approval and the procurement process. Now, we in Northern Virginia are paying the price in perpetually increasing Dulles Toll Road fares managed by a corrupt organization.

On day 6, Kaine proposed a massive tax increase. He fought like cats and dogs with the Republican House throughout his term. His regional tax idea was ruled unconstitutional, his abuser fines had to be refunded, and his Special Sessions ended in failure. He closed rest stops to try and pressure the legislature. His final budget during the recession was so poorly designed that it was summarily rejected 97-0 and even the bill’s sponsor abstained.

Kaine failed to honor his commitment to fund transportation while overlooking $1.4 billion in unspent VDOT funds and he spent enormous energy on the Silver Line in pursuit of his green agenda.

Kaine decided to make the so-called “war on women” a centerpiece of his campaign and has thrown ridiculous innuendos at George Allen. Kaine’s social positions include abortion on demand, gay marriage, criticizing the Catholic Church’s lawsuit, and opposing Virginia’s marriage amendment. After he left state government for the national stage, he has steadily moved to the far left.

Obamacare was the most far-reaching, partisan and nontransparent legislation in modern history. Most of the country wants it repealed or significantly modified. Yet Kaine has been its most visible and ardent supporter. 

Finally, Tim Kaine resorts to unprofessional statements and racial innuendo to disarm his opponents. He answers difficult policy questions as if he is still in the courtroom. In addition, he uses religion as a political credential and to argue for “social justice” legislation while ignoring his Church’s key teachings.

If you want a repeat of the last four years and a Leftist/Progressive ideologue representing you, then Tim Kaine is your man. If you want a change and someone who will work with Mitt Romney, then vote for George Allen who is the only candidate with a record of accomplishments as governor and Senator.

Thad and Doreen Hunter
Aldie, Va

VA_in_VA November 04, 2012 at 04:25 PM
Sanctimonious BS. Stop the flag waving made up "rights" infringement. It's "perceived" not actual. If they were truly infringed the courts would strike them down, but they don't. The real problem is grid lock by the House right now. The GOP have been the road-block to get things done, not the Democrats. The so-called Grand Bargain was agreed upon by the Speaker of the House who ran with his tail between his legs away when the tea party folks said no. Its your side that won't comprise and will eventually destroy our country's credit rating and economy.
Thad Hunter November 04, 2012 at 05:06 PM
@VA_in_VA Barack Obama orchestrated sequestration, but I am happy to join you in saying that many RINOs also participated and caved. Tim Kaine has been using the pending sequestration as leverage to raise taxes. And since the Budget Control Act Super Committee broke down over this same tax issue in November, it is not particularly bipartisan or helpful for Tim Kaine to come back again and call for the same policy. He also says that across the board cuts are not smart; however, that is exactly what sequestration is. The Democrats have been in charge of the Senate during the last entire year and they refused to offer alternatives after stalling in Nov. The Republican House passed a budget bill and Harry Reid refused to bring it to a vote. Tim Kaine is only going to pretend to be a moderate (which is how most senate Democrats candidates are currently running) and then if elected he will vote with Harry Reid just like Mark Warner and Jim Webb have done. I think it’s fair to say that Tim Kaine and Mark Warner are peas in a pod. And Tim is quite the stubborn man. I offer how he dealt with transportation as governor as evidence. George Allen is right in saying that we should reset the clock and repeal poorly thought out legislation like sequestration and Obamacare and start over by agreeing first on what the priorities are and what the problem is that we trying to solve. With Tim Kaine we are assured of more gridlock.
joe brewer November 05, 2012 at 01:42 PM
Did his brother derserve to be thrown through the window?
Randy Rawson November 08, 2012 at 04:59 PM
Apparently Loudoun County and the Commonwealth of Virginia do not agree with the Hunters in any way. The Governor, now Senator-Elect, received a decisive vote of confidence.
Thad Hunter November 08, 2012 at 06:09 PM
@Randy: You would be more accurate by saying 52.08% of the Commonwealth do not agree with us, as opposed to your phrase “in any way.” It’s interesting that you and no one else who commented were able to one refute my points or provide evidence that Tim Kaine has operated as a bipartisan. I expect that the next six years will provide even more evidence to support my view beginning with Kaine voting for Harry Reid as Senate Leader who promised not to work with Mitt Romney if he had been elected.


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