Wexton Campaign Sends out Intentionally Misleading Mailer on Abortion Clinic Closings

The Wexton for Senate campaign recently distributed purposely misleading mailers reading, “We’re supposed to help rape survivors. But Joe May voted to restrict the care they often need.”

The truth is, Joe May voted for requiring sensible health and safety standards for abortion clinics to ensure patient safety and well-being. SB 924 passed by the General Assembly in 2011, called for the creation, by the Board of Health, of standards for abortion clinics comparable to those applied to nursing homes, hospitals and outpatient clinics. These standards were designed to ensure infection prevention, facility and patient security, along with proper construction, maintenance, staffing and equipping of the facilities. These standards are fair and reasonable, and were designed to protect patients of all types, including rape victims.

NOVA Women’s Healthcare was closed in July 2013 under these standards. It did not meet a number of requirements, including financial stability (sued for $95,000 in back rent, as well as disrupting other businesses) and building code requirements. Financial instability is a major issue, because providing adequate patient care requires meeting staff payroll, and having adequate medicines and equipment available at key times. Building codes are necessary to reduce risk of patient harm in both daily operations and emergency situations. These are some of the operational reasons for closing the clinic, and the basic standards we expect from every healthcare facility.

It is beyond stretching the truth for Ms. Wexton to say "Joe May voted to restrict the care they (rape victims) often need." In fact, he voted to make it more likely to be available. Ms. Wexton either has a serious understanding deficit, which is unlikely - or is guilty of a gross misrepresentation.

Mary O'Brien, Leesburg

joe brewer January 20, 2014 at 06:24 AM
Good job Mary. problem is the pro-abortion advocates do not always rely on facts. It's the war on women, women's rights are under attack, men can't vote on abortion cause the can't get pregnant yet I believe the Supreme Court when Roe v Wade was voted on was comprised of men and how'd that work?
Barbara Glakas January 20, 2014 at 07:59 AM
This article is really deceiving and many parts are outright false. The 2011 bill SB 924 was an amended bill that only had to do with improving policies related to infection prevention, disaster preparedness, and facility security of places like hospitals and nursing homes, not abortion clinics. But Delegate May DID vote for HB 1428 in 2011 and for HB 393 in 2010 which were bills that targeted abortion clinics, requiring them to meet standards of hospitals or full blown surgery centers. And many of those “standards” were construction related, such as making hallways wide enough for wheel chairs. The Virginia Health Department did NOT support this kind of legislation, but was bullied by then- Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who told the Board that his office would not defend them if they were ever sued. This new law made it impossible for many of the abortion clinics is to afford the required construction changes, so it effectively forced them to go out of business. So let’s not play games here and pretend that these bills were all about “health standards.” It was just a back-door way for the Republicans to close abortion clinics, and Joe May went along with it.
joe brewer January 21, 2014 at 10:46 AM
It really was a back door way of closing sub-standard abortion clinics. If you can't adhere to the rules and regulations then the dumps should have been shut down furthermore they should never of been allowed to open. Why is it construed that it's bullying someone if you tell them you break the law of the land and we won't defend you, seems reasonable to me they could have waited until they were in need of legal help but Cuccinelli gave them a heads up, nice of him don't you agree?
Barbara Glakas January 21, 2014 at 01:18 PM
The clinics were not sub-standard and they were already abiding by the Health Department’s rules, and had been for years. The Virginia Assembly imposed NEW rules that they knew the clinics could not comply with, mostly construction-related.


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