LCDC, Local PAC Focus on Delgaudio Probe

Renewed call for transparency after story in ‘The Washington Post’ reveals limited information shared with outside prosecutors.

The Loudoun County Democratic Committee and political action committee have issued calls for transparency as well as more information related to a probe of conduct with Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio’s (R-Stering) office.

Delgaudio has stated his actions met legal requirements.

The matter started when The Washington Post published a story in which a former aide for Delgaudio described work performed for the supervisor that allegedly crossed in to his campaign activities. The aide reported giving documents to Loudoun Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott K. York (R-At Large). York recently said the information was turned over to prosecutors who subsequently found no legal wrongdoing.

The Loudoun board voted to investigate the activities for possible violations for county policy, however the latest calls appear to seek a renewed legal investigation.

A more recent story in the Post indicates that outside prosecutors received limited information with which to make a determination about investigating Delgaudio. Following the story the LCDC — still regrouping after losing every seat on the board in last year's election — and Real Advocate PAC called for greater transparency in the case. Read the letter for the LCDC letter here and the letter from Real Advocate here.

Real Advocate considers itself a nonpartisan group; it has open seats for "Republican Party" and "Democratic Party" liaisons. The members listed on the website — Stevens Miller, Elizabeth Miller, David Weintraub and Jonathan Weintraub — are all former LCDC members.

[Correction: This story initially identified Real Advocate as a Democratic group. The article has been corrected.]

Satchmo October 23, 2012 at 12:19 AM
I'd say that question is something York, Plowman, and Delgaudio are sweating out.
Jonathan Erickson October 23, 2012 at 11:32 AM
Proof? What are we going to gain if the reports are true about Delgaudio's campaign contribution wrongdoing. The BOS has limited power to punish wrongdoers. Will it be enough to oust him next election? I cannot see Clarke siding with Chump change York and Eugene unless she was sure of her position. Documents to Plowman, that's what I would like to know about. We apparently know what the Commonwealth's Attorney got which was just the letter. If there is more and proof of ethical violations what do we do run around the poesy tree wringing our hands. If the Mwaa spent 75 k in Martires defense and the Gov. spent 75k it cost the taxpayer 150k to get rid of that pos, how much are you willing to spend to get a talking point against Delguadio and York? If York and Clarke colluded to withhold information from Plowman hence Stamos then they should be censured along with Delguadio. Other then that we have no recourse except the next election and it's incumbent on York and Clarke to pony up the documents that Ms. Mateer sent to them. End this waste of time and money. This board answers to no one maybe we need a Mayor of Loudoun County. The Mwaa answers to no one and look at that mess, some are in favor of a Economic Development Authority who will answer to no one. No to facebook Mrs. Miller.
Satchmo October 23, 2012 at 04:39 PM
Jonathan, so we do nothing even if Delgaudio did what is reported? Well that certainly can be your opinion but I think most taxpayers would not accept that stance. Further, since the Arl CA investigation apparently was to determine if there were criminal violations (frankly I think it was done to cover this whole thing up that's why limited docs were turned over) AND that investigation was done without the benefit of all the supporting documents; I'd say there still is an unanswered question on whether Delgaudio should be facing criminal charges. Also, if and when it is confirmed Delgaudio mis-used staff for his own benefit, then he needs to lose his committee membership(s), and I think he should also be charged for the mis-use. Figure out how much actual time was spent on the campaigning on the taxpayer nickle and send a bill to the Delgaudio re-election campaign. Extremely fair and reasonable request.
David Weintraub October 25, 2012 at 03:47 AM
Jonathan, why are you so opposed to finding out the truth, and justice being served? It's an interesting point of view. What the county produced this morning in court is an eight page statement from Donna Mateer, the former staff aide to Eugene Delgaudio, detailing what she was told to do and how she was treated by her former boss. We also know from emails produced by both the Loudoun and Arlington commonwealth's attorneys that neither of them ever received the documentary evidence of her allegations. Real Advocate may be just a four person PAC, but if citizens hadn’t pursued this case, we would still all believe that the Arlington County CA had found no evidence of wrongdoing, when the truth is that she never had a chance to see any evidence. Let’s compare what Scott York claims the Arlington CA said with what she actually said. York: “The Arlington’s Commonwealth Attorney did not recommend pursuing any charges against Mr. Delgaudio.” What she actually said (per the documents obtained through FOIA) is that the statement of a former employee ALONE was not sufficient evidence to recommend pursuing any charges against Mr. Delgaudio, that one would need corroborating evidence “such as phone records.” Donna Mateer provided Scott York with those records. At his own request and at her expense. But Scott York did not provide those records to either commonwealth’s attorney, before or after the Arlington CA made this statement about needing such records.
David Weintraub October 25, 2012 at 03:47 AM
What we know is this: Mr. Delgaudio has admitted on the record directing his aides to do fundraising. He claims that the fundraising was for a charity, but that’s not what the evidence we have seen so far shows. The three potential donors interviewed by the Post say that’s not what they were approached about.


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