LTE: Telework Tax Credit Benefits ‘Wide Reaching’

This Loudoun parent sees more opportunities to help her community in bill before General Assembly.

Dear Editor,

I was thrilled to read in the Leesburg Patch that the Telework Tax Credit Bill, led by Delegates David Ramadan (Chief Patron) and Barbara Comstock (Co-Patron) was passed by the Virginia House of Delegates Monday with bi-partisan support. The bill will provide a $250 tax credit to employees who telecommute at least 25 hours a week, 45 weeks a year. This tax credit would certainly be an added bonus to the existing benefits I receive in working from home, which cast an incredibly wide net. These benefits include more time with family, greater output for my employer and the ability to volunteer in my community, just to name a few.

In 2007, I was provided the opportunity to telecommute full time and I’ve worked remotely ever since. Telecommuting has enabled me to be far more efficient and focused, producing high quality work in a shorter timeframe, so that my employer benefits greatly. The fact that I don’t have to prepare to head into the office every day, combined with a commute to and from the office in heavy traffic, saves me roughly two and half hours per day which equates to 12.5 hours a week – 50 hours per month! Fifty hours is a typical workweek for most! In essence, I have an additional 50 hours to give back. I am able to greet my children when they arrive home from school, help with homework, care for our home, prepare meals so we can eat together as a family, ensure my children are engaged in extracurricular activities and be more involved in our community. This list could go on!

While I have always been an involved parent volunteer with school and extracurricular activities, this year I am serving as co-president of our PTO at Lowe’s Island Elementary School. Additionally, the monies saved on gas, vehicle wear and tear, lunches out, dry cleaning, take-out and fast-food dinners has allowed me to contribute more to my 401k, more to our children’s 529 plan, and pay off our mortgage faster. All this enables us to responsibly prepare for our entire family’s future. The benefits of telecommuting are not confined to our family; the benefits are wide reaching!

Thank you,

Megan Mancuso
Sterling, Virginia


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