Supervisors Thank Loudoun Design Cabinet

Panel of experts has worked for a decade to connect great communities and high-quality design.

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors earlier in December approved a resolution of commendation for the Loudoun County Design Cabinet’s decade of service.

The cabinet includes 13 architects, engineers, planners and landscape architects who volunteer through the Loudoun County Department of Economic Development, and the members average 20 years of experience working or living in Loudoun. Their design-related projects include community-focused charrettes and the annual Signatures of Loudoun Design Excellence awards competition.

The resolution recognizes the members of the Design Cabinet “for their gracious and devoted service to the county, and for their skilled advice, mentorship and overall contributions towards making Loudoun a community of high quality design.”

County Chairman Scott K. York presented the resolution during a 10-year anniversary meeting of the cabinet.

For the Design Cabinet, the anniversary marks a decade work the linking great communities and high-quality design.

“It’s what we’ve been about for years; great communities don’t just happen,” cabinet chairman Alan Hansen, of DBI Architects, said in a press release. “Skilled design professionals, preferably stakeholders, need to take the time to understand what a community wants to be ‘when it grows up’ and stay out in front of the continuous but changing economic pressures. Loudoun is an exceptional community for business and for living, in part because of the emphasis on and attention to, design excellence. We’re fortunate that the leadership of Loudoun County Government understood this a decade ago when we were founded, and we appreciate their continued support today.”

More information about the design cabinet is online at http://www.biz.loudoun.gov/designcabinet.


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